We are corporates who sold our souls to Mother Nature

Aniruddha Sur

Managing Partner

Aniruddha has an experience of 20+ years in MNCs as a Program Manager, but his first love has always been forests, traveling and photography. Many of his photographs have been published in Discover India and other journals. 

Aniruddha is the brain behind Himalayan Odyssey and it fulfills his long pending dream of consolidating passions for photography, birding and hospitality. He had great luck of patching with like-minded friends who come from different corporate backgrounds with the same passion for nature. He, with his riends, conceptualized  and designed the Himalayan Odyssey concept.

Aniruddha is also actively involved with noted wildlife NGOs like SPOAR, Nature Mates and HEAL.

Saumen Das

Managing Partner

Saumen has an experience of 20+ years in Information Technology. Having spent over a decade in Eastern Europe and vastly experienced in the shipping industry as a director/administration of his shipping company, he is also a self-trained skilled chef on continental cuisines.

He travelled a lot in search of scenic beauty and at last he was mesmerized by the breathtaking beauty of the small village of Kolakham. When he learned that some of his friends were planning to make a unique handmade homestay in the forests of Neora Valley Reserve in Kolakham, he decided to contribute his ideas in the long pending dream of his friends because of their same interests and passion for nature. Himalayan Odyssey is now standing on the ground of these joint efforts.

Diya Sur


Diya with an experience of 20+ years working in different multinationals as a designer, always knew her Ikigai was to immerse herself in the depths of forests, listen to different species, observe them in their natural homes and think of ways and means of coexistence for humans and wildlife.

To this effect, she has been working for more than 20 years in tandem with her profession as a wildlife activist and has been featured many times in several media and journals. At a key crossroad of her life she decided to take the final plunge to immerse herself totally in wildlife conservation and presently she with her husband Aniruddha forego city life and has shifted to the lap of nature in Duars where she continues working for her passion – wildlife and is also part of the greater dream of Himalayan Odyssey.

Beena Mathew


Beena is an outdoorsy person and a compulsive traveler focused on creating meaningful and lasting experiences.  She has spent quite a few years in the US as part of her corporate career stint and that is when she made most of the hiking, trekking and fell in love with exploring nature. 

While she is engaged in her career of 20+ years in building learning capabilities, she continues to be an integral part of the design and set-up of Himalayan Odyssey, along with her friends!

She is a distance runner and a dog-mom and hopes to move closer to the mountains with her dogs in the foreseeable future.

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