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Book your stay in our homestay at Kolakham. You can also book our homestay in Icche Gaon for a comfortable stay. Book the best Kolakham resort.

Himalayan Odyssey at Kolakham

Kolakham is a quaint little hamlet in the Eastern Himalayas cradled in the lap of the Neora Valley Reserve Forest. Facing the Great Kanchenjunga Range, Himalayan Odyssey Homestay in Kolakham is an ideal place for nature lovers. The Neora Valley Forest area is still unexplored, making it an ideal destination to explore pristine mountain wilderness, the Changey Falls and innumerable birds.

Munal Homestay at Icche Gaon

Icche Gaon or Echey Gaon is a village in Kalimpong district, situated at 5800 ft above sea level, has a view of Mount Kanchenjunga and nearby peaks. Munal Homestay in Icche Gaon is surrounded by many trekking courses which lead towards the most pictorial view points of Ichche Gaon like Ramitey Dara, Tinchuley, and Jalsa. Another fascination here is the Sangchen Dorjee Monastery built around 300 years ago. Book your homestay in Icche Gaon today.